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Aluminium Extrusions Info

When you are looking for a new building or possibly just sprucing up an existing building for your business or company you can expect only the best products and experiences with Bhoruka. They are experts in giving you all of the aluminium extrusions you may be looking for. From doors, windows, shutters and so much more you can count on us to bring your structures to life and make them beautiful beyond your expectations.

Our extrusions have been looked on by many large Indian companies as amazing and gotten recognition from them. Our products offered include but are not limited to; ladders, curtains, walls, glazing and any other aluminium products you think could assist and aid your company in becoming more aesthetically pleasing for your clientele.

We are also now offering more than our competitors because we guarantee that we will give you a delivery in a timely manner with better quality than you could expect in such time. Our plant is full of modern and new equipment to ensure everything you receive it up-date and in complete compliance to what you are needing. The process we use with a belt and much more ensures that every piece of aluminum and structure you are delivered will include a scratch and flaw free item.

All of your aluminium products can also be altered to the color in which you would like because we now offer a beautiful powder coating with multiple choices. All of our products will prove to last anywhere from 15-20 years and that is just out of this world compared to some of our competitors.

Next time you need to spruce up or even build from the floor up count on us to provide the ultimate Aluminium extrusions you have been looking for.